Reformer Pilates

The all new GFitness Freshwater is home to the most comprehensive Reformer Pilates program on the Northern Beaches. Set on the headland between two of Sydney’s most breathtaking beaches Curl Curl & Freshwater within the iconic Harbord Diggers sits the luxurious Gfitness Freshwater.

Our boutique Reformer studio features the exquisite Allegro 2 beds, participants are guided through classes under the care of our experienced and highly skilled team of Instructors. Our Reformer program features a mix of over 50 classes per week designed for all fitness levels.


These only come if you work for them, but if you work for them, Pilates will deliver like nothing else.

  • Sculpts a beautifully balanced physique
  • Improves core strength + tones the waistline
  • Strengthens and stabilises joints for injury prevention
  • Compliments sports performance for athletes
  • Supports pre and post natal care
  • Promotes weight normalisation
  • Improves alignment to create height and poise
  • Can alleviate some chronic pain
  • Improves energy and “inner strength”
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Creates co-ordination and grace

$0 Join + 4 Weeks Half Price

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